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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a cal fire chief on the run. tonight we have the text messages he sent his wife... right after his a cal fire chief on the run. tonight, we have the text messages that he sent his wife right after the girlfriend was found murdered. live in the newsroom with more, andrea? >> and it is yet another strange turn of events, appearing that the fire chief was texting his estrange wife moments before the investigators say he stabbed and strangled his new fiance to
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death in sacramento county. the first, can we put us and all our family back together as she replied you already hurt me so bad, i'm over it, never going back to a cheater, never. moe texted this back, come and pick me up. we are suppose to grow old together. he has been on the run for a week now, a retired fbi profiler doesn't think that moe is headed for the santa cruz mountains, the yosemite, or the sierra, but looking for amenity. >> the only best chance is to find a big crowd to blend into and try not to stand out. >> reporter: they think that he is headed to l.a. or mexico and probably already sporting a new hairdo. while the 55-year-old man with obviously dyed hair might be odd, it's not as strange as the final text from moe to his wife, time stamped after sarah douglas' time of death. you should have came and picked me up. that thought, punctuated with a
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sad face. and now that former fbi agent believes that one of his friends will eventually rat him out whether or not it is before he leaves the country is anyone's guess. live in the newsroom, kpix 5. >> moe has the keys to every cal fire gate and building in the state. they say that it is impossible to change all of them. >> just about 20 minutes ago the emergency crews at san jose's international managed to get a runway back open. and a small plane that had to make an emergency landing about 8:00 tonight. and the landing gear failed on the aircraft. three people were on the plane as they are all okay. the plane sat on the runway though for a couple of hours. the crews, they have now moved it off the runway and the operations are back to normal. well the cal football team has suspended one of their top players. he's accused of attacking a man and kicking his dog. and police say that drew beat the guy up in the middle of the day on tuesday across from the law school. the victim's injuries are
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serious enough that he faces felony charges. tonight catholic schoolteachers in the east bay better not be doing anything that the catholic church considers a sin. the oakland diocese headed by bishop michael barber wants teachers to sign a new contract that contains a moral clause requiring them to live a catholic lifestyle. not only while they are in school, but also in their private lives. that means things like no sex before marriage, no gay sex, and no contraception. >> of using contraception or any of the above. many other things that he in his interpretation of catholic doctrines is immoral as i say this i'm a catholic and i'm the mother of a gay daughter. i went to catholic school, i was taught the catholic religion of love of forgiveness, and yes, within the catholic religion.
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>> the students have started a petition on hoping to get the diocese to back off. the spokesman for the oakland diocese says that the bishop is simply updating the contract language. the clause reads in part, "to model and promote behavior in conformity with the teaching of the roman catholic faith in the matters of faith and moral. and do nothing to bring discredit to the school or the diocese of oakland." we're getting a better idea on what caused the delay a deadly rather midair collision over san pablo bay. the ntsb report says it happened after the hawker c ferry plane was taking some pictures of the golden gate bridge. the hawker pilot radioed the pilot of the cessna that he was going to pass him low to the left. the cessna pilot responded thinking that it would make a good photo. thinking that he had the space to do that, he went to pass, but the report says that he "felt and heard a thump and he realized that the two planes
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had collided." he looked up, observed the cessna inverted and going down. the hawker pilot says he flew to his home airport. the crews pulled the cessna out of the water three days later along with the body of the 33- year-old pilot. and the final report could take several months. three people are missing tonight after the hot air balloon caught fire, which happened at the balloon festival in virginia tonight. and witnesses say that the balloon drifted into the power lines and as you can see caught fire. police are searching for the three people who were on board. so far no sign of wreckage has been found. a very close encounter between a passenger plane and a drone. >> a remote control aircraft. >> a drone was flying higher than allowed on march 22 at 2,300 feet. the near disaster happened as the u.s. airways express jet was approaching the tallahassee regional airport. it was so close that the pilot thought there was a collision.
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but an inspection on the ground showed no signs of any damage to the plane. the california highway patrol made an unusual rescue today when this little guy was found on 680. the chp tweeted this photo of the daring rescue. president obama is back at the white house tonight after spending a couple of days fundraising here in the bay area. his trip included a stop at the women's clothing section of a wal-mart in mountain view. no, he wasn't shopping, but he was talking up wal-mart's green energy plans. the union leaders say that's all fine and good, but they are furious that the president promoted a company that doesn't pay its employees very well. >> for him to standby wal-mart today when so many families are suffering, especially in silicone valley, because of a gigantic income inequality problem, it is just outrageous. >> he told the wal-mart crowd that he had to get home.
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>> but i have to get back because sunday is what? >> mother's day. >> it is mother's day. that is a public service announcement, do not forget. >> well tonight what would your mom say if she saw this place? holes in the floor, mold on the ceiling, cracks in the walls. well this apartment is in san francisco's lower hate. it has not been updated in decades, but the landlord just doubled the rent to $6,000 a month. a group of musicians and artists live here. they were paying $2,900 a month and then they got a letter from their landlord. >> there's a lot of other people in the situation as soon as they received the legal notices, you don't see them on the news and you don't hear their stories because they just feel intimidated. so we're going to try to stand up to it. their primary motive is to make more money off the unit. that's not a good enough reason for us to leave. >> now raising the rent is a common tactics that they use to force tenants out. and tonight we have another example of just how hard it is
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to find a place to live. nowadays people, they are walking up to the homes offering to buy them. the thing is that these homes, they are not for sale. tucked away on the quiet street. >> it has been almost a year looking for a place. >> their two daughters, they are savoring their new home. the couple bought it without having to outbid a single soul. >> this is a dream come true for us to find a beautiful home that we can raise our children in and stay in san francisco. we are extremely happy. >> reporter: but how did they do it when the city is great and the need is slim. >> we have less than 500 units on the market right now in san francisco and we need thousands to meet the demand. >> reporter: after a year of being beat out on every property that they wanted, the o'donnell's made a big change in strategy. they switched realtors and they bought a house that wasn't even for sale. >> reporter: the realtor dug up
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the hundreds of properties pulled off the market years ago. on the list, the victorian in lower pacific heights. the owner lived in texas as the o'donnell sent them a personal note. >> we wanted them to know that we were not an investor that we were not trying to scam them, we wanted them to know that we were a felling. >> and it is something that the seller couldn't refuse and they got their house. >> reporter: the couple paid about $1.5 million for the three bedroom three bathhouse. and hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the old listing. but less in comparable properties. >> and they gave us the opportunity to get a great house with less than what we would have otherwise. >> reporter: and leaving this family with a very happy ending. >> well the owners got more than $1.5 million. they did not have to go through the trouble of staging or prepping their home or holding open houses. and only on 5, we discovered state lawmakers breaking the rules again every time that they would hit that switch. tonight wait until you hear how
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they explained this video. tonight an inside look at the biggest law enforcement gun battle in u.s. history and it started with here in the bay area.
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star command, i'm detecting increof happiness. ...and the speed readings are off the chart! paradise found! luscious locks! great glittering galaxies! the happiest place on earth keeps getting happier! this summer with a disneyland resort room and ticket package you get the time you need to enjoy it all. there's no end in sight! i'm going to need more time. rules.. again. last year we show s casting vo tonight we catch state lawmakers breaking the rules again. last year we showed you the assembly members casting votes for other lawmakers called ghost voting and it is suppose to be a big no-no, but mark kelly shows us it is still happening. >> reporter: it seems like nothing ever changes in the hallowed halls of the state
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capital. there is the l.a. assemblyman last year. casting a vote for the hometown assemblyman jimmy gomez who is nowhere to be seen. and this year he is still at it. this time helping out the assemblywoman. and san francisco's assemblyman, he was a ghost voting pro last year, multiple votes at a time. on this visit he's on the best behavior only voting for himself. but look at the assemblywoman here after casting her own vote, she gets up to push off the assemblyman's voting switch on the house resolution to declare april child abuse prevention month and then does it again for two other bills. and where is he? she seemed to ask the nearby assemblyman from riverside. and plus the rulebook, it could not be clearer, a member may not operate the voting switch of any other member. >> of course there's the rule itself and how they interpret that rule and when it comes to
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voting here on the assembly floor that there is a difference. >> it is truly the practice for them. >> reporter: he is the assembly chief's administrative officer, saying that we gotten it wrong last year. what we saw is not called ghost voting. >> to me that is what we call the assisted voting. >> reporter: as long as they are somewhere in the chambers that it is okay, but we couldn't find any definition of the assisted voting in the rulebook. >> would you admit to this all? >> yeah, but i think that again, it is to define the rule that you always need to have rules and then you have the customer practice. >> reporter: mark kelly, k people's exhibit ix 5. >> the assemblywoman turned down our request for an interview about all of this, but sent us a statement saying voting for another assembly member at their request is a custom. the bottom line, don't expect any changes any time soon. tonight, we know that thenigerian military had four hours warning that a mass kidnapping was going to happen. four hours. but the report by the
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international says that the security forces, they were afraid of getting into a fight with the extremists, which are the rebels that kidnapped 276 schoolgirls. they had the plan to sell them into slavery. now, right now, a team of the u.s. and the british officials, they are leading the rescue efforts. and nearly 40 years ago tonight, the world watched the biggest law enforcement gunfight in u.s. history. pat harvey takes us inside the epic shootout that all started with the famous heiress kidnapped from the bay area. >> the little old lady said are you looking for all the people with the guns and ammunition? >> reporter: what happened next took it earlier. >> there's a big kidnapping on the west coast, the victim is patricia. >> it was february of 1974 when the army, a self-styled militia kidnapped the publishing heiress, a crime captivating
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the nation, taking an even more of a shocking turn when herst joined her kidnappers. >> i'm beginning to feel the fbi would rather that i would get called. but chosen to stand and fight. >> reporter: she next showed up on the san francisco bank's surveillance video, participating in a robbery. armed with a semiautomatic weapon. and with the $10,000 that they stole, they headed to southern california where they shot up an engelwood sporting good store in a bid to get survival supplies and a getaway that had gone bad. >> the community was about 95% black at that time as they offered up all kinds of information to our detectives. >> reporter: information that lead police to 54th and compton. to the yellow house with the white trim with the intriguing possibility that she might be inside. they retired the lapd colleagues, directed the on- scene swap response. >> i could hear them giving
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orders to the people, a lot of profanity, saying that we're not going to give up. there were about 26 commands given to them to surrender. and the lieutenant fired several rounds. they opened up with a gunfire that was unprecedented in los angeles police history. >> i've got movement back here. >> it was just so loud, and so many rounds at one time going off. it sounded like everything being ripped. >> and they had fully automatic weapons. >> reporter: the converted semiautomatic weapons, two fully automatic weapons. and a .38 revolver. >> police deployed the tear gas. >> they would bounce off their window and roll down to my feet and i was trying to kick them away from me. >> reporter: the law enforcement soon realized that
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the s.a.l. members inside the house were determined to fight to the end. and with people in south l.a. trapped in the middle. >> don't cry, don't cry. >> don't cry. >> they ran out of ammunition. >> you ran out of ammunition? >> oh yes. i ran out of ammunition in five minutes. >> oh my. >> i think albert fired more rounds than anybody. and i think that he had 594 rounds. >> reporter: law enforcement decided to throw more tear gas into the house. which touched off the large amount of the ammunition inside. >> and the chopper is overhead that the fire is raging. >> eventually the house was engulfed in flames. >> and the obvious conclusion is that the los angeles police, they have indeed found the nesting place of the army and there is not much left of it not. >> there is not much left of it now, bob. >> the standoff lasted two hours, six sal members died. police estimate that over 9,000 rounds were fired.
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patty wasn't in the house, she was captured 16 months later hiding out in san francisco. an amazing story there. on every headline of every newspaper, every newscast, for weeks and weeks and weeks. >> that's incredible. >> yes, straight out of hollywood. mother's day weekend, here we go, sunshine. warmer. >> can't wait. >> and that is the transition day coming up tomorrow as we need to kick out the low pressure area first. the kicking out period means breezy days. and to touch down off in the distance with kensington and oakland and clear skies right now. no blanket over the top of us, but a chilly night. it's 45 in napa and in may. san jose tomorrow morning at 50 degrees. we'll warm up tomorrow, but it will be a breezy day to take them to napa valley overt weekend. what a lucky mom, sunny and
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breezy. 85 on sunday, so we have transitioned to the warmer pattern beginning on sunday. a big ridge that will be off to the west and a big low for them off to the east. now the difference in the pressure between the two, they will determine how strong the wind is if you are outside there today, 25 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, it will likely be even windier as that low will be strengthening as they move away and eventually that they would move out just in time for mother's day and it won't be warm, but hot away from the water temperatures, running 15 to 20 degrees above average starting on tuesday. for mother's day, we will be breezy tonight, a little bit along the coast, but not too much. a mild day tomorrow, similar to today, but still windy near the water. the wind, they will be relaxing, the temperatures will climb, just in time for mom to have that out door, which will be very happy for them on sunday. and one degree below average tomorrow, they are topping out at 68. sunshine, breezy at 71 degrees.
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fairfield at 73. and double with the near high tomorrow in the 70s. 70 in mill valley and lakeport and a high of 72 in windsor. sunday, warmer, a beautiful day to get back outside. warmer still. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 90s inland, even 80s near the bay that would not be a big surprise as you are talking about the record heat by next wednesday and thursday and some time before they get here. >> all right, thank you. coming up, the easter bunnies that will be staying from death row, but tonight there is another problem. ,,,,,,
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man: you know, it's funny, this baja quesadilla burger doesn't really look like burger. man 2: grilled beef patty? that's burger-esque. man 1: yeah, but the flour tortilla is, like, quesadilla-y. man 2: it's both, okay? you happy? man 1: dude, it's four bucks. i am definitely happy. [ding] waitress: welcome to denny's.
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a broader mix of energies, world needs which is why we are supplying natural gas,
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to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. with bunnies, only to disco- much trouble. they call it the easter problem as parents surprised their kids with bunnies, only to discover that they are too much trouble. >> yes, tonight juliette goodrich shows us that one group is coming to the rescue. >> you can play. >> the bunny's have been spared from the death row. >> they had a lot of the adoptions in february and march. >> reporter: thanks to the society in richmond. the bay area's only bunny shelter. the only problem, they are at capacity, currently housing 40
11:24 pm
rabbits. either they knew how to take care of them or they are ending up unwanted, letting them go. >> every day they would get a list of the shelter expected to be euthanized as many of them are unwanted easter pets. they would try to make it as fast as they can. >> so this is waffle and he is 9 months old. he would not be alive today if it was not for the house rabbit society with two sisters as they were adopted last week. and you've got, well, three brothers. you may have seen them as they are here shown on animal planet and their live web page. but like waffles, they also need a home. >> somebody will walk in the door and absolutely fall in love. >> reporter: in richmond, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> it is hard not to fall in love with them as they are so cute. >> it is hard not to fall in love with that orange and black. >> that's right. they've got their numbers, huh?
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>> yes. the giants got it done in los angeles, but as you know they would cost the ball club here. >> we're going to giveout car fax, the day of the lifetime for derek. ,,,, everywhere i look, i see a country ready to move forward... and a congress standing in the way. their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan:
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draft day two and the raiders could do no wrong. hall of fame great willie brown, tell us what they won! >> the mighty oakland raiders select, yeah, i know you love us. >> well, we built it up. that's right, derek carr, the second round top pick. many thinks that he's the best quarterback in the draft. it is all for even joe montana endorsed him as he is very excited to be coming to oakland. >> and he is a blessing. i mean, so many people, they dream of being an nfl quarterback and the players, all these things. to be picked in the second to be the first pick in their second round, you know, it is such a humbling experience as i
11:29 pm
mean i'm just so fired up that they called. when that pick came up, you know, i saw that they were next, i was just waiting, looking at my phone and it started ringing and i almost forgot how to answer, you know. >> the number four jerseys are flying off the racks. the 49ers passed on drafting a wide receiver in thursday's first round. before today hit though, they had their man. and their deep threat was acquired the trade. and the san francisco native, they grew up in fairfield. to stretch up the field with a need for the 49ers. then he could get the best of them there with three 1,000- yard seasons and in his sixth- year career. >> that's for today. to take ohio state the runningback here and the second round of the draft and the sixth straight draft, as they are selecting the center marcus martin.
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baseball, bad news here. look at the giants as they broke their left thumb when they were hit by this pitch in the second inning today in l.a. oh man, that will cost them a few weeks. and the second straight strong start. they will give them a chance to look as they struck out eight in eight innings, scoreless in the fifth. so he goes deep. 2-run, putting them up 2-0 as they would win 3-1 and they are 6-2 this season against the dodgers. welcome back to the pitcher as you pitched on sunday in the washington nationals on town with a great performance, the former national. they struck out seven, up 4-0 in the fifth. the next pitch, the back-to- backs as they would have three in the game and the a's, they would cruise with the final of
11:31 pm
8-0. we shortchanged you, but the pacers and thunder are victorious tonight. >> that's great stuff. it looks like they would be gearing up to replace gore as a runningback would be going. >> getting a little bit long for the tube. you need to plan for the future. >> great planning. >> all right, we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mom on mother's day. >> that's right. you better. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the french word for savoir faire, david letterman!


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